Associate Members Rules & Guidelines

November 6, 2013



The following shall be eligible to become members of the MCABC ASSOCIATES;

a)      All Associate Members of MCABC

b)      All Employees of Associate Members of MCABC

c)      The Membership fees shall be set from year to year by the MCABC Board of Directors

d)     The Membership fees will include an assessment fee towards the Associates Night to be held during the MCABC Annual Conference

e)      The Membership fees will be paid to and collected by MCABC

f)       Members in good standing shall have the privilege of a voice and ballot in all matters pertaining to the activities and welfare of the Associates group, except such matters of administration as are delegated by the Membership, to the Executive, Special Committee, or Association Officers for proper action


General meetings should be held every second month with a minimum of four (4) meetings per year.


Special meetings: the Chair at his/her discretion may call General Meetings at any time during the year, or a Special General Meeting may be called by a Majority vote of the Executive.


The Executive of the MCABC Associates shall meet at least once every two (2) months as determined by the Chair and any Special Meeting of the Executive may be called by the Chair when the business of the Membership so requires.


A Quorum for an Executive meeting shall consist of Five (5) Directors, and a Quorum at the Election Meeting shall consist of Fifteen (15) Members.


a)      The Executive of the MCABC ASSOCIATES shall consist of Immediate Past-Chair (if there is one), Chair, First Vice-Chair, Second Vice-Chair, and up to 7 additional Directors.

b)      The Immediate Past-Chair is the Member who has most recently held office as Chair and shall automatically assume that office.

c)      The Chair, First Vice-Chair, Second Vice-Chair, and all other directors shall be elected to a two-year term of office.  Elections shall be held at a General Election Meeting and will be by nomination.  Only members present at the meeting shall cast votes.

d)     The Executive shall have the power to fill any office vacancy that may occur in its number between the Election Meetings.  The Executive may also remove any officer who misses more than two (2) consecutive meetings or does not fulfill the functions of their office at their discretion.

e)      Election Meeting will be held every two (2) years.


a)      Past-Chair shall be a Member of the Executive and assist the Chair in his duties.

b)      The Chair shall preside at all meetings, call special meetings, and generally supervise the activities of the MCABC Associates.  The Chair shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for and shall be ex-officio Chair of the Executive.  The Chair shall also be an MCABC Associates Representative and will sit on the MCABC Board of Directors.

c)      The First Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in the latter’s absence or at his request. The First Vice-Chair shall also be a MCABC Associates Representative and will sit on the MCABC Board of Directors.

d) The Second Vice-Chair shall automatically move into the position of First Vice-chair, should the Chair or First Vice-chair be unable to fulfill their duties.

e) The other Members of the Executive shall, in conjunction with the Chair, First Vice-chair, and Second Vice-chair, participate in the business and management of the MCABC Associates.

f) Each Executive Member with the exception of the Chair shall be entitled to cast one vote at all meetings. In case of a tie, the Chair shall have a casting and deciding vote.


a) At least one month prior to the Election Meeting the Chair shall appoint a nominating committee to prepare and present a list of nominees, one for each office, for the election of officers.

b) Further nominations may be made from the floor but the nominees, if not present at the meeting, must have previously provided written assurance that they will stand for office.

c)      The Chair shall appoint two scrutineers from the floor to conduct the election of officers.

d) Should there be two or more candidates for any office the one receiving the greatest number of votes on the initial ballot shall be declared elected.


These operating rules may be amended only by extraordinary resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of the members present at a regular meeting and every member must be advised of the proposed amendments by means of a notice calling the meeting.


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