BC Plumbing Code update

We are pleased to announce replacement pages are now available for the 2012 BC Plumbing Code pertaining to Revision 8.  This package is available at: http://www.bccodes.ca/BCPC_Update_05.16.pdf (28 pgs)

If you prefer to order a hard copy from our office. The cost is $12.40 plus applicable taxes.  This covers publishing, printing and shipping costs.

To purchase a hard copy of this package you may submit your order online at: https://www.crownpub.bc.ca/Product/Details/7610004115_S

Or order by calling 1-800-663-6105, at the time of your order please provide the product number to the customer service representative:    7610004115

(Note: Previous replacement packages for the BC Plumbing Code for Revision 2 & 7 are available on the Errata and Revision webpage – http://www.bccodes.ca/errata-and-revisions.aspx)

For those customers with the offline versions of the BC Plumbing Code an email will be sent out shortly with complete details on downloading this update.

For those customers with the online versions of the BC Plumbing Code this update has already been uploaded automatically.

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