BCICA contractors exclude insulation of some Victaulic QuickVic fittings from scope of work

BCICA (BC Insulation Contractors Association) has given notice that its contractors will exclude the insulation of Victualic QuickVic SD fittings for piping 2” & Under (valves, tees, etc.) from the MI Scope of Work.
BCICA reports that there are currently no manufactured solutions for a PVC fitting cover for these QuickVic fittings. Installing insulation on these fittings poses challenges that, in some cases, make it impossible to comply with the insulation specifications and increase the overall cost, the BCICA reports.

In answer to this report from BCICA, Victaulic states the following:

There are existing PVC covers which can be used with QVSD products, including a range of off-the-shelf PVC fitting covers manufactured by Proto Corporation, of Clearwater, FL. These are suited for use with the QuickVic SD product line. Proto Corporation is known as a leading manufacturer of PVC fitting covers and jacketing systems for the North American insulation industry, and is a member in good standing of the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada and the National Insulation Association (USA). Proto Corporation’s products are easily available to BCICA members from major wholesalers in British Columbia. A cross reference chart has been provided by Proto Corporation (click button below) for those who are seeking off-the-shelf PVC fitting covers for the QuickVic SD line.

QVSD Compatible PVC Insulation Covers Reference Chart

See Complete Notice from BCICA

See Complete Notice from Victaulic

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