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Improving Wastewater Treatment

      By Cheryl Mah Wastewater treatment plants are important municipal infrastructure assets for safeguarding public health and keeping waterways clean. For more than 50 years, the Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) has provided primary wastewater treatment to Vancouver, the University Endowment Lands, and parts of Burnaby and Richmond. The plant has undergone […]

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World’s Longest Floating Bridge

Completed in 2016, the new State Route 520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge is the longest floating bridge in the world. Spanning Lake Washington and connecting Seattle on the western side of the lake to Medina on the eastern side, the 7,710 foot long bridge replaces the previous 7,578 foot bridge, which was the longest floating […]

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The Technology Advantage

by Rosanna Chipkin Remember plum-bobs and tumble kits? If you do, you will definitely remember having to search for a landline to use on-site when you needed to call your dispatcher or running long extension cords just to drill a few holes. Whether it be laser levels, combustion analyzers, cordless drills or smartphones, each new […]

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Systems I Mechanical is an industry leader

by Tracey Block Back in 1984, it was risky business to start a new company all on your own. But 33 years and more than 300 projects later, Harry Jassmann, president of Systems I Mechanical Ltd., wouldn’t have done it any other way. “I started . . . when there was the biggest recession going […]

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Maximizing Building Systems

by Leon Hawkins The  world around us is ever changing, and technology has become more engrained in our daily activities. The emergence of smart phones has forever changed communications and how we interact with technology. In response, we have become more demanding of our technology and what we expect from it. How did we ever survive […]

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Pipe Lining Technology

Story by Alyscia Sutch For years homeowners, property managers and municipalities have resorted to traditional pipe replacement methods to fix their cracking, leaking and root intruded pipes. The process to dig up and replace the pipes is not only time consuming, but the renovation costs can be expensive, especially in a situation where pipes are […]

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IAQ for Healthy Buildings

by James Montgomery The continued drive towards more sustainable building design, construction, and operation has begun to expand its focus from improvements in the building energy efficiency towards making buildings better for the people inside them. A key aspect of this is providing improved indoor air quality (IAQ) to ensure we have a healthy environment. […]

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