Risky Clauses Program

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Do you hate reading contracts? Let us help you with that!

Wouldn’t it be great if before signing a contract, you could read a lawyer’s analysis that points out which clauses are risky, including suggested revisions that would minimize your risk? And if all this was free? YOU CAN with MCABC’s Risky Clauses Program.

Through a program run jointly with ECABC (Electrical Contractors Association of BC), MCABC voting members now have access to sample contracts that have been scrutinized by lawyers. Hidden risks are exposed and alternative clauses are suggested, to help contractors reduce their risk with contract amendments.

  • See where risk can hide in contracts
  • Alternative language is suggested (in the appendices) to make contracts fairer
  • A “good relationship” won’t protect you from unfair contracts
  • Don’t believe that you have no choice but to accept unfair terms
  • There is strength in numbers, even against the largest employers

If you would like secure access to these documents – and you are a voting MCABC member (this includes contractors and voting affiliates) – please contact our office by phone at 604-205-5058 or by email. There is no cost to voting members. Non-Voting Affiliate members can purchase access to the program for $500 annually.

Do you have a contract you would like to see vetted by an expert lawyer and shared with your industry colleagues? Please email it to the MCABC office. If it meets the program’s criteria, it could be added to the Risky Clauses program. Rest assured, it would be scrubbed of any identifying information that might link it to your company before it is made public.

Please do not share the documents with non-MCABC members but DO spread the word with your team and fellow MCABC-member contractors. This program will work best with widespread uptake and support. Through it, we have a real opportunity to improve the industry for all subcontractors.

Read Western Journal’s 2017 cover story article “Mitigating the Risks Inherent in Subcontracting” about the downloading of risk in the mechanical contracting industry.

See a straight-forward presentation on risky contract clauses and how to avoid them, by construction specialty lawyer and partner with JML, Tyler Galbraith.

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View the documents

If you do not have access to these documents but would like to – and you are a voting MCABC member – please contact our office by phone at 604-205-5058 or by email.