Get ready to lobby for Prompt Payment legislation!

On May 9, British Columbia will go to the polls and several candidates are going to ask for your vote. Trade contractors in BC have an issue we’ve been trying to bring to the attention of politicians for years: getting paid ON TIME!

Imagine using the opportunity of this election to gather political commitments to support and champion provincial Prompt Payment legislation. We’ve found a way: During the last federal election, the National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada (NTCCC) conducted a successful email campaign asking every Canadian candidate to indicate their support for federal legislation. It worked! While it’s impossible to say just how much this campaign influenced individual candidates, awareness and knowledge undoubtedly improved because of it. And talk on Parliament Hill alerted senators that this initiative was worthy of their attention.

Capture the momentum

Let’s capture that momentum during this provincial campaign. MCABC is looking for partners among our affiliated trade associations – members of the Council of Construction Trades Associations (COCTA) – to work with us on it. It should be possible to crowd source funding to implement the online tools.

Here’s how the lobby campaign would work: We would circulate a link called After you click on it, you type in your name, address and postal code and then up pop the names of all candidates in your constituency. You click “OK” and a form letter that describes the issue of prompt payment and the benefits of proposed legislation is instantly sent to all the candidates in your riding.

There’s more: just as MCABC did in the federal election, we will add a line requesting that candidates confirm their commitment to Prompt Payment legislation.  We tell them that if they do so, we will publicize their commitment to the 200,000 workers and several thousand contractors and suppliers who work in this industry in BC.

The effort will not only ‘out’ both supporters and fence-sitters, but will provide a contact list of potential MLA champions with whom to follow up after the new government is formed.

We need your participation

If you want to get paid on time and you want legislation to back it up, you are going to have to do something about it! Your participation and support are essential. Organizing the pollsters is step one, immediately followed by a ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign which I hope all of you will support. Stay tuned!

Are you coming to our Conference?

Another matter of great interest is MCABC’s 2017 Conference and AGM – A Royal Island Experience. It is being held jointly with MCA Alberta for the first time in nearly 20 years (!) at the Westin Bear Mountain Resort, May 4 to 6. Those of you who have attended in the past know this is a fabulous location, guaranteed to bring in our neighbours and increase attendance enabling a rousing and fun convention. Please go to the event listing on our website for details, see remaining sponsorship opportunities, book accommodation, and to register for the conference. Hope to see you there!

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