MCABC 2035 (Next Gen), & Prompt Payment

The Next Gen Working Group was created a couple of years ago during an MCABC Board planning session that was looking to improve the association and make it sustainable into the future. When Board members tried to envision what the association would look like in 15 years, the question was asked, “Why don’t we ask the folks who’ll be leading the organization in 15 years?”.

Some younger MCABC members were invited to meet and discuss the same questions about the association’s future.  Some of their recommendations included:

  1. Modernize communications to appeal to a more tech savvy generation;
  2. Provide a directory of resources to both members and non-members that will encourage and boost membership;
  3. Encourage a culture of inclusiveness at all MCABC events to bolster new faces in the association.

Next Gen meetings stalled as 2017 found the association preoccupied with a major disruption – the sudden and unannounced departure of two of its affiliated entities – and the Board turning its attention to a re-structuring strategy while negotiating terms of those departures.

What better time to get Next Gen back in operation and hand some of the rebuilding work over to our future leaders.  With a meeting set for February 7, 2018, Next Gen has been invited back to re-set its agenda, re-state its priorities and to take an active role in developing ideas and implementing programs to attract new members, increase existing members’ involvement  and bring skills to help MCABC thrive into the future.  We have great expectations that the work of this group of young professionals will allow MCABC to continue as a place where mechanical contractors want to gather in pursuit of shared goals. The Board looks forward to integrating newcomers and their ideas into the mainstream of MCABC’s purpose.

Prompt Payment 2018 – One Month In

The BC construction industry’s latest push for Prompt Payment is now getting off the ground. This past November, I, and a contracted government relations consultant, and an electrical contractor met with the NDP caucus and some ministry staff to present our case for Prompt Payment legislation in BC. We were eager to get our story before the current government because the issue had been gathering momentum in other parts of Canada; a month later, the Ontario government passed its own prompt payment legislation with Bill 142.

The caucus committee asked insightful questions and showed support for the idea of Prompt Payment, as did Finance and the Attorney General’s ministerial assistants in a later meeting. These meetings were followed up with a conference call meeting with the Attorney General’s office in December. The timing seemed right but we were still missing a united industry presence to strengthen our case.

This January, the Prompt Payment campaign received a rousing endorsement from VRCA’s Trade Division Council. COCTA (Council of Construction Trades Association), recently reviewed and approved the Prompt Payment BC website ( which, while currently under development, will include:

  1. A backgrounder on the issue,
  2. An online survey to collect information on delayed payment experience from all industry participants,
  3. An online letter template enabling contractors to send a message to their MLA,
  4. And a Donate Now button to help pay for the lobbying and public relations efforts.

A crucial next step scheduled to take place before the end of February is an industry-wide Prompt Payment meeting. The entire BC construction contracting and services sector will be invited to throw in their lot with Prompt Payment BC and take this case to Victoria in the pursuit of legislation.

Once again stay tuned – we are picking up speed.

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