MCABC’s Course Catalogue

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MCABC’s Course Catalogue

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Are You Exit Ready?

This one-day workshop covers:

  • The best corporate structure for protecting your assets and getting you the best deal
  • Checklist for determining how Exit Ready you are (or aren’t).
  • Reducing your risk when selling to family or employees.
  • Prepare your business for a quicker and higher-priced sale.
  • Templates for valuating your business.
  • Finding the right buyer.
  • Understanding and managing the sale transaction.
  • Why you, yourself, may be the biggest obstacle preventing the sale of your business.
  • And more!

In addition to an extensive workbook that you will complete during the workshop, you will receive a copy of Exit Ready. Bonus: Prospective buyers will learn how to evaluate a business for purchase.

Blueprint Reading

3 gold seal credits*

This session introduces student to the reading and understanding of Mechanical and Architectural drawings, and schematics used in a mechanical environment. Student will learn how to read and interpret the different types of standard symbols and abbreviations found on these drawings. This session will benefit students entering any mechanical trade, as it will teach students to recognize plans, elevations, and sectional views, identify a view by its placement on a drawing, list what working drawings include, and interpret dimensions marked on piping drawings.

Business Management Program

4 gold seal credits* total

Do you want to improve your business skills, your understanding of financial statements, your productivity, your profits, or your cash flow? MCABC’s Business Management program is designed for individuals wanting to become managers, or for managers wishing to improve their current skills.  The program’s approach is practical, job-relevant, and thought-provoking, with a high degree of participant involvement.  Program benefits are immediate. This program is divided into two courses which, in total, cover four modules: Pricing, Profits & Cash Flow; Financial Statements & Business Planning;  Planning & Control; and General Business Practices.

Business Management 1 & 2

2 gold seal credits*

Module 1 — Pricing, Profits & Cash Flow:

  • Double your profits by implementing four simple techniques
  • Differentiate between cash flow and profit and know why companies go broke, even when they are making profits – avoid the cash trap
  • Understand the difference between mark up and mark down; it’s the difference between making money and losing money
  • Develop a profitable job profile – focus on the right work for you
  • Identify profitable work – Which types of job generate the best profit for you?
  • Understand Pricing Sensitivity – use these most important principles and don’t get caught in a “reverse auction”.  Avoid the Price Wars.
  • Improving cash flow – the better you manage your cash – the more money you make
  • Increase your charge out rates
  • Calculate your monthly break-even sales

Module 2 — Financial Statements & Business Planning:

The 3 M’s- Measure, Monitor, Manage

Understanding financial statements, interpreting your numbers and managing your business through the use of a business plan or Plan of Action are all essential components of a successful business.

  • Understand how to structure your financial statements to ensure you qualify for maximum bonding and maximum bank financing at the best rates and for management purposes
  • Identify, calculate and interpret the key financial ratios
  • Identify weaknesses in your structure early enough to correct them
  • Know what the banks and bonding companies use as a benchmark
  • Ensure your income statement can reconcile to your job costing
  • Know why and when you should complete a business plan
  • Develop the process for a simple and effective Plan of Action
  • Understand the elements of business success

Business Management 3 & 4

2 gold seal credits*

Module 3 —  Planning & Control:

  • Change orders
  • Project management
  • Managing a job for profit
  • On-site productivity
  • Proposal check lists/Bid records
  • Motivating for higher standards

Module 4 — General Business Practices:

  • Negotiating and time management
  • Why businesses fail
  • Building a successful organization
  • Quality matters / TQM
  • Buy / sell agreements
  • Marketing

What manager runs a business without understanding the numbers?

NOTE: Employees of companies that contribute to the Journeyman Training & Industry Promotion Fund, and eligible UA Local 170 members, are entitled to a rebate equal to 80% of the MCABC member price upon successful completion of Business Management 1 & 2 and Business Management 3 & 4.

Calculating Labour Rates

1 Gold Seal Credit*

Do you want to improve your skills, your understanding of how to calculate labour hours for an estimate, and your ability to manage projects for profit? Are you responsible for pricing and the success of the projects? This course provides an insight into Labour Hours and upon completion the student should be familiar with the basic concept of calculating (a) Labour Rates including Benefits, (b) Charge-out Rates, (c) Crew Rates and (d) Productivity Rates and be able to perform estimates using these Rates.

Construction Industry Ethics

1 or 2 Gold Seal Credits*

This course has been designed to help you understand ethics as it relates to the construction industry. The course is interactive and includes case studies, practical examples, videos and a course glossary.

As of January 1, 2017, all Gold Seal candidates require the online Construction Industry Ethics course (or equivalent) PLUS a full day classroom ethics course in order to be eligible to take the Gold Seal exam.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand what is included in “ethical behavior”
  • Be aware of the importance of ethics in business
  • Know how to make ethical decisions
  • Recognize ethics in the context of the law
  • Understand the direct link between ethics and a company’s success

The course is intended for owner/clients, contractors, supervisors, project managers, etc., who must deal effectively and professionally with employees, subtrades, owners, clients, engineers, employers, and the public.

Successful completion of classroom-only course: one Gold Seal

Successful completion of classroom & online course: two Gold Seals

Dispatcher Training

2 Gold Seal Credits*

This Dispatcher Training Program was originally developed in the US by a Task Force comprised of contractors from the Mechanical Service Contractors of America and the Managing Director of Transitions Consulting Group. In 2007, the program was updated and adapted specifically for the Canadian Market by the Managing Partner Richard Worr Consulting.

Estimating 101

2 Gold Seal Credits*

MCABC’s Mechanical Estimating 101 is designed to provide you with the fundamentals of estimating. The content of this course instruction will take you from the initial estimating thought process, through the steps of organizing an estimate, and finally, up to the standardization of forms of record and sources of information.

NOTE: Employees of companies that contribute to the Journeyman Training & Industry Promotion Fund, and eligible UA Local 170 members, are entitled to a rebate equal to 80% of the MCABC member price upon successful completion of Estimating 101 and 201.

Estimating 201

2 Gold Seal Credits*

This course is the follow-up course of estimating 101. It is designed to take you through the plumbing and heating take-offs to completion of your estimate to submitting your tender. At the end of the course you will have been exposed to the full scope of estimating.

NOTE: Employees of companies that contribute to the Journeyman Training & Industry Promotion Fund, and eligible UA Local 170 members, are entitled to a rebate equal to 80% of the MCABC member price upon successful completion of Estimating 101 and 201.

Fall Protection

The one day Fall Protection program will allow you to understand the use of fall protection, as it relates to the work you perform at height. This course will identify which fall protection options best meet your needs and give you the tools and knowledge to work at height safely. The course includes hands-on activities, video analysis, and focuses on student participation. Mandatory for anyone working at heights thus needing the use of fall protection equipment.


(Customized) Health & Safety Manual Orientation

MCABC has partnered with BCCSA to develop a program geared toward creating a COR compliant customized safety manual for each attendees’ own company. This workshop is *exclusive* to MCABC members and is designed to help you ensure your own Safety Program becomes a method to minimize injury in the workplace, engage workers AND show compliance.


Microsoft Project for Construction

2 Gold Seal Credits*

Microsoft Project for construction is a powerful course that will show you how to plan, monitor, and schedule projects using resources such as people, equipment, time, and money. This 2 day hands-on workshop will give you a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Project using a practical approach to project management.


Project Management

5 Gold Seal Credits*

This two-day course is designed for construction owners, managers, estimators, supervisors and staff. Participants will develop skills and knowledge of how to manage a construction project. Participants will gain an understanding of the project processes and constraints encountered by project managers (using PMBoK 5th Edition approach) and how to successfully manage a complex project.


Project Planning

1 Gold Seal Credit*

Do you want to improve your skills, your understanding of change orders, your ability to manage projects for profit, your proposal check lists/bid, and your productivity on the job? Are you motivated for higher standards? Are you responsible for pricing and the success of the projects? MCABC’s Project Planning course is designed for individuals wanting to become managers, or for managers wishing to improve their current skills. The course’s approach is practical, job-relevant, and thought provoking, with a high degree of participant involvement. Course benefits are accessible and can be reaped immediately. This course is “Module 3” of MCABC’s Business Management Program.


Service Contractor Strategies

1 gold seal credits

The key to success in any service business is DELIGHTING the customer; not just SATISFYING the customer. In Session 1 of this two part program, we will do an in-depth study of how the key numbers stack up for you as a mechanical service contractor. In Session 2, we will take it to the next level and explore how to get more work, lower your costs and increase your selling prices.


CEC’s Supervisory Program

7 Gold Seal Credits*

This course is intended for foremen superintendents working in a supervisory capacity for a Construction Contractor. Apprentices have also indicated that this course is very useful in helping them to understand the role of the foreman and supervisor thus assisting in their day to day routine. This course is designed with the adult learner in mind and emphasizes participant/instructor group interaction. This program will take place over a 6‐day period and will be split into two sessions of 3 days each.


About Gold Seal Certification:Gold-Seal-logo - websize

The CCA Gold Seal Certification Program is a national certification program for construction management professionals (including: estimators, superintendents,
project managers, owner’s construction managers and safety coordinators.)
Successful applicants of the program become Gold Seal Certified (GSC).

Certification is based on the candidate’s education, experience and their ability to satisfy the rigorous standards of the Program. For the individual —the Gold Seal Certificate is a declaration of skill and competence that is recognized by the construction industry across the country. The Certificate will enhance mobility and professional development of construction managers. For the contractor— employing Gold Seal Certified managers is a statement regarding the professionalism and commitment of the firm to construction management excellence. A Gold Seal Certificate assists employers in recruiting capable construction managers.

*Gold seal credits are only awarded to students upon successful completion of a course.