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About the Magazine

MCABC Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine is the official magazine of the Mechanical Contractors Association of British Columbia, the only association in B.C. dedicated to the unique interests of mechanical contractors. It is published twice a year by MediaEdge Communications Inc.

Distributed to over 1,000 key professionals and organizations, this bi-annual publication reaches members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of British Columbia, which includes both unionized and open-shop firms that specialize in plumbing, heating, gas installations, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), fire protection, controls, and industrial mechanical systems.

MCABC membership also includes suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers who want to connect to mechanical contractors, as well as affiliate members in affiliated trades such as sheet metal and insulation.


The MCABC magazine has a current direct-mail distribution to over 1000 recipients. As membership changes, so does our list; this list is monitored, maintained and updated on a regular basis by Jane Andrew, Director of Membership Services. Our office distributes an additional 100-300 printed hard-copy issues during meetings, tradeshows, member visits, and industry events. A digital copy of the magazine is also available to the general public.

MCABC’s magazine is strategically placed in the hands of relevant industry contacts, target markets, and prospective business associates. Our magazine is widely viewed by mechanical contractors, general contractors, engineers, architects, public and private construction purchasers, developers, Municipal Government representatives, MCABC members, and affiliated industry contacts, alike. Should you have questions regarding magazine distribution, please call our office and let us know.


Advertising Rates

As you will see in our Media Kit, we have very competitive rates.

MCABC members pay a fraction of the cost of advertising – members receive a 40% discount on all advertising rates when compared to non-members!

We hope you will recognize that the MCABC Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine is an excellent choice to meet your marketing goals and the ideal way to reach a niche, targeted, and industry specific audience.


Contact Us

For editorial inquiries please contact:
Cheryl Mah
604.549.4521, ext. 222

For advertising information please contact:
Dan Gnocato
604.549.4521, ext. 223




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