Mechanical contractors: You are responsible for estimating for, and supplying, sheet metal shields and hangers in certain cases

Mechanical contractors need to be aware of installation requirements where continuous vapour barrier is required on cold water piping systems

The following update to the BC Insulation Contractors Association Quality Standards Manual, dated August 20, 2018, was provided to MCABC by the BCICA Technical Committee:

a) Where a continuous vapour barrier is required, Insulation Contractors include

for Crush Proof Insulation at Hanger / Support locations for piping 2-1/2″ and larger unless specified otherwise. Sheet Metal Shields are NOT included and shall be the responsibility of the Mechanical Contractor.

b) Where the use of Pre-manufactured or Engineered Insulation Systems are specified for Hangers / Supports, they are NOT included and shall the responsibility of the Mechanical Contractor.


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