New government may bring opportunities

Government met with pessimism in construction industry

The BC media and sponsored fact-givers have been especially busy lately as our new provincial government slips into the offices of authority and begin to do its job. MLAs would have been there sooner had the slow-to-depart Liberals moved faster from denial to acceptance of the election results.
Many on the business side of the construction industry are already chanting about the doom and destruction that will follow the ascendancy of the GreeNDP (a title I’ve attributed to Rich Coleman) as government. The rants have been loudest from those in industry who not only drink Liberal Kool-Aid but help to mix it.

Let’s not judge too soon

The best strategy to address the new government might be to hold off on judgements and take steps necessary to ensure the industry will continue to thrive, whichever political party holds power. Everyone admits that this minority government is unique in several ways, the most important being that it is based on a one-vote majority agreement, with the Green party holding the balance of power.

There’s a lot of expectation with any new government – both good and bad. The opportunities that may exist haven’t yet been considered while the fear about what may be lost is considerable, and frankly not very productive.

Focus on moving forward

Perhaps it’s time, as an industry, to focus on what may be achieved under this new regime, such as Prompt Payment Legislation, and programs for building retrofits, and new affordable housing programs. Construction does not occur in any single sector silo, rather it is versatile. Builders can build anything designers can design, and the companies and trades that do the work will prosper by these offerings.

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