New Horizons – Lower Dues & Do More!

Big news: MCABC has lowered most Voting Contractor dues. In 78 years of operation, MCABC has been funded by various methods: individual membership dues, to grants from union contractors’ collective agreements, to the current structure where dues are based on company payroll.

But this is the first time – to my knowledge – that dues have gone down! For all but one category of payroll volume  membership, dues have been reduced an average of 19%. Why did the dues rates change? The simple answer is we want more contractors to join. Our fees were unaffordable to some contractors, so we reduced them.

MCABC membership provides good value for money. The world of mechanical contracting is complex and is becoming  increasingly specialized, requiring the attention of an organization focused on the interests and concerns of Your Board of Directors believes that we now have rates that align to the value for services provided and are in keeping with rates of similar trade associations. In order to cope with reduced dues, however, the math is simple: MCABC must grow its membership. So this is on our agenda in the New Year and beyond, and we ask for your help. We need our champions! Please talk to any non-member contractor colleagues you may have and let them know about all the great things you get out of being an MCABC  member.

About three ago, the MCABC Board brought together a ‘shadow’ planning group made up of younger industry professionals. This Next Gen group was asked to identify six things that would encourage more young professionals to get involved in the association.

One of their requests was to be included in more MCABC activities. To do that, Next Gen realized that they had to identify themselves within the association, then set out to turn the proposition on its head and instead of waiting to be asked to join in they decided to create activities to which everyone was invited.

To that end, since August of this year the Next Gen group has conducted two successful events attended by members young and old. More than 30 participants ambled their way hiking the 10 kilometers around Buntzen Lake in August, then off to the pub for a burger and beer. In November, a sold-out crowd gathered for a bowling and Pizza night at Rev’s Bowling in Burnaby.

Congratulations Next Gen – we look forward to seeing more of you in 2019.

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