New! MCABC’s Non-Voting Affiliated Contractor membership

MCABC created a new membership category this year: the Non-Voting Affiliated Contractor.  In prior years an affiliate contractor (a contractor who is not a mechanical contractor but is a contractor in an affiliated mechanical trade) could join MCABC as an Affiliated Member, calculated in a similar way to the membership of a contractor membership. With that Affiliate membership, the member had the same rights and privileges as a voting member. The purpose was, and remains, for MCABC to be the trade association for all mechanical contractors, regardless of affiliation.

After enjoying this category for a few years, some Affiliate members requested another option. Since most of the affiliated trades have their own trade associations that provide overlapping benefits as those of MCABC, they were willing to forego some of our membership benefits in exchange for flat-rate dues.

New membership category created

So, MCABC’s board of directors created an alternative membership for affiliates: the Non-Voting Affiliated Contractor membership. This category enables both the association and the affiliated contractor to be allied at a lower cost with fewer membership benefits. Benefits foregone by this category include:

  • No voting privileges with the Association, i.e. Non-Voting Affiliates cannot hold or nominate candidates for director positions, or cast votes at the MCABC annual general meeting;
  • Non-eligibility for member discounts on some events, meetings, educational courses;
  • Non-eligibility for MCABC advocacy on behalf of individual member issues;
  • Membership in the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) and the Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada (MSCC) is not included for the Non-Voting Affiliate.

See if it’s right for your company

If you would be willing to forego the above benefits in exchange for lower dues, have a look HERE and see if this is the right fit for your company. We continue to invite affiliated contractors to join colleagues and clients as members of MCABC and would love to have you on board! With any questions, please contact Jane Andrew, MCABC Director of Membership Development and Services.

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