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Construction Industry Ethics

This course will help you understand ethics as it relates to the construction industry. The course is interactive and includes case studies, practical examples, videos and a course glossary.

As of January 1, 2017, all Gold Seal candidates require the online Construction Industry Ethics course (or equivalent) PLUS the full-day classroom ethics course in order to be eligible to take the Gold Seal exam and receive certification.

Learning outcomes:

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  • Understand what is included in “ethical behavior”
  • Be aware of the importance of ethics in business
  • Know how to make ethical decisions
  • Recognize ethics in the context of the law
  • Understand the direct link between ethics and a company’s success

The course is intended for owner/clients, contractors, supervisors, project managers, etc., who must deal effectively and professionally with employees, sub-trades, owners, clients, engineers, employers, and the public.

Successful completion of classroom & online course: three Gold Seals (two for online portion; one for classroom portion).

Note: Participants are required to complete the Construction Industry Ethics online course prior to enrolling in the classroom course. Online portion takes approximately four hours to complete. Please contact MCABC office by email or phone at 604-205-5058 to purchase a PIN for on-line course.

Instructor:  Tim Williams, president of BGC Partners, has worked with numerous construction companies for over twenty years. He is a Gold Seal Certified project manager. He is an experienced and sought after trainer who has trained construction owners and managers on behalf of construction industry associations across Western Canada.

MCABC Member – Gold Seal Classroom & Online Course Combo: $445
Non-member – Gold Seal Classroom & Online Course Combo: $500
MCABC Member – Classroom Course Only: $275
Non-member – Classroom Course Only: $305

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Business Management 1&2

Would you like to improve your business skills, your understanding of financial statements, productivity, profits, or your cash flow? MCABC’s Business Management program is for anyone who would like to gain management skills in order to move up in their career, or for managers who would like to add to their current skill set.  The program’s approach is practical and job-relevant, with a high degree of participant involvement.  Program benefits are accessible and immediate.

MCABC’s Business Management program is comprised of  two courses that cover four modules: Pricing, Profits & Cash Flow; Financial Statements & Business Planning; Planning & Control; and General Business Practices. Business Management 1 & 2 covers the first two modules.

~ New!: Ron will cover the new tax rules on Passive Income and Income Sprinkling ~

Gold Seal Accredited! 2 Gold Seals for each course

Instructor: Ronald Coleman

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Module 1 — Pricing, Profits & Cash Flow:

  • Double your profits by implementing four simple techniques
  •  Differentiate between cash flow and profit and know why companies go broke, even when they are making profits – avoid the cash trap
  •  Understand the difference between mark up and mark down; it’s the difference between making money and losing money
  • Develop a profitable job profile – focus on the right work for you
  • Identify profitable work – Which types of job generate the best profit for you?
  • Understand Pricing Sensitivity – use these most important principles and don’t get caught in a “reverse auction”.  Avoid the Price Wars.
  • Improving cash flow – the better you manage your cash – the more money you make
  • Increase your charge out rates
  • Calculate your monthly break-even sales

Module 2 — Financial Statements & Business Planning:

The 3 M’s- Measure, Monitor, Manage

Understanding financial statements, interpreting your numbers and managing your business through the use of a business plan or Plan of Action are all essential components of a successful business. Understand how to structure your financial statements to ensure you qualify for maximum bonding and maximum bank financing at the best rates and for management purposes

  • Identify, calculate and interpret the key financial ratios
  • Identify weaknesses in your structure early enough to correct them
  • Know what the banks and bonding companies use as a benchmark
  • Ensure your income statement can reconcile to your job costing
  • Know why and when you should complete a business plan
  • Develop the process for a simple and effective Plan of Action
  • Understand the elements of business success

What manager runs a business without understanding the numbers?

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